I have had the pleasure of consulting to companies in the oil and gas industry over the past 8 years. I have observed the up and down nature of the business and the toll this takes on development, profitability, share price and human capital. The impact on employees erodes trust in organizations. Those remaining following the elimination of roles, are left with misgivings and uncertainty. Often they wonder what’s next, or who’s next, and whether to trust management. The downturns are moments when management needs to seriously reflect on the level of trust employees have and to consider taking actions to gain, rebuild and solidify trusting relationships. People can’t and don’t trust an “entity,” but they can trust their managers (people).  The principles of Accountability-Based-Management are grounded in creating trust-enhanced organizations. There are some simple and practical things managers and management can do to restore trust.  A few years ago, our COREinternational Associate, Dr. John Bryan (ret.), addressed this issue in a great article which I reference here. Take a look and consider what you can draw upon during this difficult time.

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