What our customers say…

“The work we completed together on the restructuring of Island Hearing Services is some of the most valuable work I have ever done.”
Marke Hambley, President, Island Hearing Services

“We’ve already made more money this year than in any full year in our history. Everybody seems to have their departments operating at absolute maximum efficiency, everybody’s focused. The Operations unit has implemented a number of efficiencies, the product people are worried about products and not about operational issues, and the sales group is coming together.”
Tom Grifferty, CFO, First Canadian Title

“Having clear accountabilities is so liberating. You don’t know how broken you are until you’ve gone through it and see the implications afterwards. It moves to a higher level of efficiency in the value chain: no one area can work without another. The understanding of where accountability stops and starts allows you to get on with work and takes down the noise level around territoriality.”
Cheryl Longo, SVP Visa New Ventures, CIBC

“Lots of hard work done by a committed group; excellent results in designing an accountability based organization.”
Mike Sylvestre, Manager – Technical and General Services, Inco Limited

“You are working with such a powerful product & the technology is so powerful. I can see how we can realise our vision whereas a year ago I could not see how we could get there. Even two months ago I didn’t think the company could get there. I think now we will be more effective, efficient, more profitable and fun place to work.”
Jim Slattery, CFO, Inmet Mining Corporation

“If things aren’t working, COREinternational will get you real clarity regarding where to go to fix things.”
Ron Close, President, VoIP, Bell Canada

“The results were very good. I really think we could not have moved the business forward/grown it as much as we have without doing some of this work. It freed up bottlenecks and was a good forcing mechanism to have conversations about the people: once you’ve defined the roles, the next question is ‘do we have the right people?’ It was very helpful that way because we had to take out quite a few people at the director level and make changes. This took away the emotion; you go back to the fact base all the time.”
Christine Croucher, Former EVP Card Products Division, CIBC

A call centre applies Elliott Jaques’ “Requisite Organization” principles.

CIBC Card Products Division used COREinternational’s services to implement accountability-based management (requisite organization) with the aim of building an “inspired workplace.” In the Toronto Visa Call Centre, the results were particularly impressive.

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