Are you experiencing any of the following in your organization today?

  • A sense that strategy is not well understood lower in the organization?
  • Not sure if you have the right structure to achieve your business plan?
  • Wondering if you have the right organization to grow the business?
  • Problems hiring, retaining and developing the right people?
  • Ineffective role relationships within teams and/or across boundaries?
  • Unclear accountabilities and authorities?
  • Outdated or ineffective pay and reward systems?

We help you design the right organization and implement an accountability-based management system that will resolve all these issues and more.

Strategic Alignment

Develop insights that effectively align organization design with business strategy, resulting in a more productive workplace and delivering increased shareholder value.

Organization Design

Based on accountability-based organization design principles, design and deliver a structure and system that will clarify roles, increase accountability across the organization, and improve productivity.

Managerial Leadership Systems

Support, enable, and enhance organization design using proven practices and tools that deliver increased levels of alignment, trust, team effectiveness, agility, innovation and speed-to-execution across your organization.

In an accountability-based company…

  • There are exactly the right number of management layers, and each layer is staffed with people who are capable of – and who value – working at that level.
  • Everyone can see how they contribute to the organization’s goals.
  • Everyone can count on their vertical and horizontal role relationships to provide what is needed in a timely way.
  • Reward and recognition systems support the organization’s values, business strategy and structure principles