Role Clarity

“There’s no clarity about who is accountable for what. We spend a lot of time in meetings but no-one makes decisions. I feel like I have to do everything or it won’t get done.”

Clear goals matched with accountability and authority are key elements of employee satisfaction. If everyone is accountable, no-one is. And if no-one is accountable, things probably won’t get done. That’s why it’s important to differentiate role accountabilities both horizontally and vertically.

How we help you to develop Role Clarity?

We provide solid principles to clarify accountability for work at different levels of complexity, including specific accountabilities for managers and managers-once-removed. The learning you gain will enable you to determine the level of work complexity of a particular role, then clearly specify the purpose, accountabilities (tied to strategy), decision-making authorities, and cross-boundary relationships.

We also offer an on line role clarification system comprised of processes and tools that enable a self-managed approach.