Organization Design Review

“How can I be sure that I have the right structure and people to achieve my business plan? Is this the right structure for my strategy? I need to get a better handle on what I’ve got.”

Successful implementation of strategy is dependent on having the right number of layers of management and the right grouping of work. Form follows function.

Yet our research indicates that 56% of roles in organizations are poorly designed or staffed with people who are under- or over- qualified. As a result, some work doesn’t get done while other work is duplicated, and salary costs are out of line with the work being performed.

In a review of your organization’s structure we:

  • work with you to determine what you see as key issues, opportunities, and criteria
  • interview selected stakeholders for their perspectives.
  • review key documents that outline strategy, long term goals, and operating plans
  • analyze the data collected to obtain a solid understanding of your structure and key issues, strategies, and goals
  • provide a report that confirms or identifies issues and opportunities and provides a snapshot of the gaps, jam-ups, and grouping of work in your organization.
  • provide options to begin the task of redesigning the organization based on sound Accountability Based Management (ABM) principles.

Throughout the process we work with internal partners if possible, and provide education about Accountability-Based Management principles and how they affect life in the organization.

We can work with you to identify actions that will drive effective organization alignment, with linked goals and outcomes set at appropriate organizational levels.

In an accountability-based company…

  • There are exactly the right number of management layers, with effective distribution of accountability and authority.
  • Work is grouped to minimize cross-boundary friction and coordination costs.
  • If the strategy (the function) changes, senior managers automatically review the organization’s structure (the form).