Our organization review and redesign process

Organization review and redesign work typically follows two distinct phases.

Phase 1: Organization Review

We begin by ensuring we have a good understanding of the presenting issue and success criteria. We then tailor our approach to get the desired results in a way that best suits customer needs and resources.

Typically we do the following:

  • Work with senior management to define or confirm organization direction and strategy.
  • Partner with internal resources to ensure transfer of learning.
  • Interview key roleholders to establish the perceived and actual role responsibilities and working relationships.
  • Produce a diagram of current roles and management layers.
  • Provide education on necessary concepts and principles.
  • Write a report outlining the key issues and describing options for realignment.
  • Work with the top team to
    1. develop a clear, unambiguous structure for the top three levels.
    2. develop role descriptions for the top team.
    3. ensure understanding of roles and accountabilities.
    4. clarify decision-making authorities.

At this point we will contract to begin the implementation process.

Phase 2: Implementation

With the top team clear on their work and accountabilities, we then work with internal partners or your company’s project team to implement the new structure and management practices level by level throughout the company.

This involves a cascading process of:

  • clarifying the structure required to get the work done.
  • developing role descriptions, including performance indicators and authorities.
  • ensuring accountabilities are linked to the company’s strategic plan, goals, and objectives.
  • clarifying and agreeing on cross-boundary relationships.
  • putting the right people in the roles.
  • educating managers about the concepts and principles of accountability-based management.
  • training managers on managerial practices such as capability assessment, setting context, delegating work, and personal effectiveness feedback.

If needed, we can also assist with developing and launching a balanced scorecard for performance management.

We promise knowledge transfer to ensure the new way of operating “sticks”.