Organizational Value Analysis

“I know that my organization structure contributes to my financial results. But I’m not clear on exactly how that connection works. Am I structured properly to deliver the right mix of current and future value for my shareholders?”

Organizational value analysis can help you understand how your organizational design contributes to the current and future value potential of your organization. Share price consists of both the current value of assets, as well as a statement of the market’s expectations of future value potential.

Organizational value analysis includes:

Reviewing and analyzing key financial indicators (such as Economic Value Added, Future Value, Current Operating Value, and Net Operating Profit After Tax) and relating the findings to the levels of complexity of work required, with this we can identify value gaps driven by organizational design issues.

We can also compare these financial factors to those of your defined industry peer companies to identify some risk areas that lay beneath your conventional financial and organizational analysis.

In an accountability-based company…

  • Each employee has a manager capable of doing, and performing, work exactly one level higher in complexity.
  • Jam-ups and gaps are not built into the system.