Team Effectiveness Survey

March 15. 2018

1.My team members know why we’re here, what we’re supposed to do, and how we will work together as a team
2.Team members are provided with appropriate feedback about their performance
3.Morale on my team is high and there are few complaints
4.Generally speaking, members of the team understand decisions and buy into them
5.People are encouraged to be good team members and develop good relationships
6.Team meetings are highly effective — they have a tight agenda, and they result in decisions and actionable plans
7.Our team is committed to a vision, and our team leaders help us understand how our roles fit into the organization’s plans
8.Our team members get lots of opportunity to work on new and exciting tasks and to stretch their skills and knowledge
9.Our team is clear on its goals and has what it needs to be successful
10.Our team resolves conflict between members in a timely and productive fashion
11.Our work is recognized and rewarded and we are clear about what is expected of us
12.Our team members feel that they can work on their own when necessary, and still have the benefits of being on the team
13.Our team decisions are made after a sufficient level of input from all the relevant parties, and after the right information has been considered
14.Our team knows when it is getting off-purpose, and when to escalate problems outside its existing mandate
15.Our team recognizes when new issues develop and seeks relevant data to deal with these issues

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