The ‘C’ Suite

If you are accountable for business performance and want to get at some key strategic people and organizational system insights that can get you the results you are looking for, start with items in “The ‘C’ Suite.”

Value creation from each & every role

December 13. 2017

I recently heard an executive describe operations as the most important area of the business. There was logic in his statement. It is operations which delivers the product and without operations there would be no revenue and no revenue equals no business. This reminded me of other times throughout my career where I have heard […]


A Fine Balance—delivering on short term results and longer term growth

December 14. 2016

We often meet executive teams which are overly focused on delivering short term results at the expense of longer term growth. With the pressure senior executives receive from their boards and shareholders, this short term focus in not surprising. The only real success comes from delivering short term results while delivering long term growth for […]


Three Keys to Operational Excellence

February 16. 2016

So you want your organization to get strong today and build for the future using “operational excellence?” Here are three critical things for Boards, CEO’s and COO’s (Chief Operating Officers) to keep top of mind. A good starting point is to consider the principle that the organization undertaking operational excellence is a complex adaptive human […]


Redesign: Collaboration and Control?

January 21. 2016

When it comes to organizational design, CEO’s want the outcome of collaborative, innovative places to work and yet struggle with a desire to control information, prevent unnecessary spin, and protect sacred relationships, especially if it means cutting people. This struggle can create a telling inconsistency in the approach to redesign. Here is a way to […]


In Systems We Trust

December 23. 2015

The most critical accountability for leaders is defining management systems that make trust possible. Here are five top things that drive strength of trust in your system, which brings speed to execution of your strategy. With the Holiday Season upon us it is marvellous to see what people base their faith and trust. It is […]


Engagement Trap

December 03. 2015

Most employee engagement surveys and initiatives to improve it are a waste of time Somehow we have deduced that a more engaged workforce is a more productive one. That stands to reason, as well as all the research that confirms it. Still, without changing the organizational system that creates the conditions for trust, you are wasting most […]


Paddles Up!

November 12. 2015

Top three considerations for Boards about aligning your organization to deliver the strategy. Are you on a Board? How certain are you that your CEO’s organizational design will deliver the strategy? With strategy clearly outlined, resources well laid out, and a plan defined to show progress against goals, does your CEO have the people systems […]


In the talent war the enemy is close at hand

October 23. 2015

In the war on talent why do we keep shooting ourselves in the foot? Two recurring conversations amongst clients and in the press are the need to recruit good talent, and how difficult it is to find the people with the right level of talent and experience to take on the complex challenging work required […]


Deconstructing Simple

September 24. 2015

“Keep it simple”. We hear this a lot. As a piece of management advice, as a design principle, as a warning not to “make things too complicated”, and as a general rule in life. Simple, we are led to believe, is good. The implication of this (simple) statement is that things that are not simple […]


Is your organization a duck or a frog?

September 10. 2015

It may be time, as the oil patch comes to terms with a more prolonged lower commodity price, and in turn, the rest of the Canadian economy, to change organizations from ducks to frogs. Each moves smoothly through water. But, the efficiency of that movement is vastly different. And frogs, by natural design, can only […]