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Accountability and trust cannot be built through good intentions

February 07. 2018

Organizations too often rely on the good intentions of leaders to live and model organizational values but fail to systemically create the conditions to establish accountability and trust. When preparing to meet with a potential client for the first time, I visit the organization’s website to review its stated vision, strategy & values. Typically, high […]


Defending hierarchy

June 11. 2015

The business press and social media have recently been expounding the virtues some “new” forms of organization design claimed to be more effective and relevant than “traditional” ones (read hierarchical). Predominant of these are Holocracy and Sociocracy. COREinternational truly believes in continuing to study organizations and to seek new paradigms. We are also confident that […]


Accountability vs. Responsibilty

January 15. 2015

“Out of the mouths of clients”   Understanding and implementing an accountability-based-management system requires a clear distinction between the terms accountability and responsibility. This is important since, despite their common use synonymously, a clear definition of what each means in an accountability hierarchy is required for clarity. Recently, in work with Michele Harradence, Vice President, Operations […]


Empowering people in the Third World using accountability tools – a Habitat model

November 20. 2014

I recently traveled to Argentina, with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village program and had a first look at how accountability can improve lives in a world without the social safety net we have come to expect in Canada.  Argentina is a beautiful country where the 1st world meets the  3rd world and a quarter of […]


Talent matters: you can’t always get there with just practice.

October 16. 2014

Each of us has differing “talents” that represent our inherent capabilities. These capabilities include our differing information processing talent which does not come from “more practice.” Much like the perspective in an article by Hambrick et al. (2014) “Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect”, there are certain levels of achievement that are based in raw talent that no […]


Values and Organization

October 09. 2014

Download now:  One of my partners recently attended a presentation at the Strategic Leadership Forum in Toronto. The speaker’s topic was organization culture. The key point made in the talk was the strong correlation between an organization’s culture and its performance. While we all have an intuitive sense of this, the presenter had significant research […]