Welcome to our point of view page, where every month or so we sound off about new insights, inspirations, experiences, old problems with better solutions, our take on what others are saying, and our perspective, plain and simple.

In our experience, accountability based companies don’t happen by chance — they happen by design. And where there’s accountability, there’s trust.

Hopefully, on these pages you’ll find some information, and perhaps some inspiration — all intended to give you an informed point of view on some of the issues and challenges facing today’s business leaders. You may even find some things you can do to build a more accountable work system to deliver your organization’s strategy.

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The "C" Suite

Value creation from each & every role

December 13. 2017

I recently heard an executive describe operations as the most important area of the business. There was logic in his statement. It is operations which delivers the product and without operations there would be no revenue and no revenue equals no business. This reminded me of other times throughout my career where I have heard […]


A Fine Balance—delivering on short term results and longer term growth

December 14. 2016

We often meet executive teams which are overly focused on delivering short term results at the expense of longer term growth. With the pressure senior executives receive from their boards and shareholders, this short term focus in not surprising. The only real success comes from delivering short term results while delivering long term growth for […]


The HR Professional

Accountability and trust cannot be built through good intentions

February 07. 2018

Organizations too often rely on the good intentions of leaders to live and model organizational values but fail to systemically create the conditions to establish accountability and trust. When preparing to meet with a potential client for the first time, I visit the organization’s website to review its stated vision, strategy & values. Typically, high […]


Defending hierarchy

June 11. 2015

The business press and social media have recently been expounding the virtues some “new” forms of organization design claimed to be more effective and relevant than “traditional” ones (read hierarchical). Predominant of these are Holocracy and Sociocracy. COREinternational truly believes in continuing to study organizations and to seek new paradigms. We are also confident that […]